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Rog Joma B2C - webshop

  • Retailing web shop with CMS
  • Initial date of web shop 4-3-2013


Mediplus - webshop

Main features:

  • Articles and groups of articles are refreshed every hour
  • Wholesale is managed by the web administrator for those buyers which are marked as wholesale buyers
  • Retail is for all other buyers (payment on delivery or by credit cards)
  • Automatically generated import of orders/purchases into the main bookkeeping application

Web site with presentation of Mediaplus and online support for retail and wholesale.

Design of web shop: Studio Imago, programming: Hajtek studio.


Deco domus - webshop

Independent web shop with no connections with other ERP or any other business and bookkeeping applications:

  • Articles are divided into 4-levelled categories
  • Possibility to choose articles and sub-articles into a shopping cart; sub-articles have common features, but are different regarding colour, dimension etc..
  • Articles with many details and simple navigation; possibility of pointing out single items; connecting with recommended articles – one-way and two-way
  • Simple system of choosing articles into a shopping cart, simple browser and update, with a continuous data on quantity and amount in the header of each page
  • Simple registration and login of customers, which is not needed until realisation of purchase
  • Integration of card payment with outer payment gateway, and important information, i.e. credit card number, are not saved on our server
  • System of coupons (codes) for discount at purchasing
  • Discounts applicable to some payment methods
  • A buyer and a seller have an overview of orders and their status (whether order is accepted, settled and whether the goods are on their way)
  • Overview of monthly reports provides an insight in sold quantities and revenues by categories of products and adjoining products
  • Newsletter system


Client: razni / various
Web shop is currently considered to be most cost-effective type of trade due to logistical simplicity small and start-up costs and running. Since all physical stores (classical trade) can be replaced by a single web shop, is considerably cheaper to have an internet shop.

Web shop customers turn to avoid the crowds, saving time, the availability of trade from 0 to 24 hours, and selection of the best products. Also, in the future it is expected much more "online" customers. Although today's web store safe enough, in parallel will develop better security systems that will enable customers even greater certainty that they will completely remove the fear of buying over the Internet.


  • payment system
  • connect an external ERP system
  • retail and wholesale
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