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Google Maps

Classic integration of Google Map location on web site

Google Map location at segments of activities

Google Map with possibility of entries by visitors

Designing a web application on which a visitor can upload photographs to a position anywhere in the world
Data are saved on a web server of web site owner. The page with the question “Where have you tasted Miner’s Cake?” enables visitors to pin a flag on exact location where they tasted the cake uploading text and photos.
You can check the example at:

Designing web application with possibility of entries by web site owner

Google Maps is adjusted to specific needs of web site so that client can independently add locations of his/user’s interest.
Data are saved on web site owner’s server. In this example, Rog Joma individually updates locations of retailing network of shops supplying bicycles and bicycle equipment. The user adds name, address and type of shop. There is also possibility of showing the way to the shop on a map.

You can check the example at:

Client: razni / various
All over the world people visit web location Google Maps for many reasons. To know more about certain part of our planet. Our task is to help people to find YOU.

Google Maps is Google's technology of free digital network maps.
It allows simple inplementation on different web sites, combination with other aplications, developing of gadgets and customization for specific use.


  • Google Maps inplementation on web site
  • combination with other aplications
  • development extras for Google maps
  • adaptation to specific needs

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